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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mid Week Haul

So this week i've spent a fair bit of money online shopping and on the highstreet, so I though i'd share my purchases here with you!

Firstly on my shopping haul is two Yankee Candles. I picked up Lake Sunset & Fireside Treats. As you can see from the photos i've only burned Lake Sunset so far, but even without burning I can smell how amazing Fireside Treats is - hence why i'm saving that one to burn second! 
I am burning them both in my bedroom, but they are both lovely scents for the whole home. Fireside Treats is super sweet & Lake Sunset is very fresh. 

Next up I made a tiny MAC order, of my Primer & MAC's Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy. 

I was due a long awaited eye test and I finally got round to it. I replaced my black Ted Baker Glasses, for a brown pair of Michael Kors. I am loving them and I find brown goes with so much more than my black pair! However, annoyingly Michael Kors have stopped provided a case for their glasses (ridiculous when they cost so much!) so I was given this gorgeous one by Dolce & Gabbana. 

From Toyshop I brought a grey cropped jumper, a grey tunic and this classic denim skirt. I love the collars on both these jumpers as I think they are very warm and stylish at the moment! They look great with any coat or jacket. I have had my eye on this skirt forever, and finally took the plunge! I think its a nice alternative to jeans and very flattering. 

Again from Toyshop I also picked up this over sized denim shirt. (as you can tell I was wearing it when I took these photos!)  This is a petite size 4, so as you can tell it's super oversized! I love the look of this, especially with a gold necklace.

I love a good smelling room, hence the amount candles I buy! So I was excited to try out the new Zoella Reed Diffuser. Its super strong, but not in a sickly way. I think this is definitely going to be my new bedroom scent!

A shopping trip wouldn't be right without a trip to LUSH. Especially now their christmas pieces are in! I picked up only a few things i've never had before. I brought 'Pop in the Bath', 'Butterbear' & 'Candy Mountain'. I cannot wait to try these beauties out!

LUSH also gave me two freebies! *yay*, as this never happens to me! They gave me 'Serendipity Soap' & 'Coal Face'. Both which can be used on the face & body. I'm also super excited to try these ones out as i've never used any face products from LUSH!

I brought the Superdrug Limited Edition Vanilla Fudge Mask this week. MY GOD. The smell of this is incredible, absolutely to die for! It's self heating which is super relaxing. I also find you get 2 uses out of this, which makes it a bargain at 99p.

Lastly I brought 2 new make up brushes this week. Both Real Techniques, I brought the Face Sculpt and the Setting brush. 
I absolutely love the colour of these brushes. I really trust Real Techniques, and have many of their brushes. I plan on using the Face Sculpt for my foundation & the Setting for setting my concealer under my eyes.

Holly x