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Thursday, 15 October 2015

50 Facts About Me

Hey Guys! A little bit of a different post today.
Although i'm just getting started on this blogging business, and i'm pretty sure only one or two people read my posts, either way I thought i've never properly introduced myself! So thought i'd do a little 50 facts about me for you to get to know me!
Enjoy :)

1. My name is Holly
2. I'm currently 21, and am a 2nd Year University Student studying Early Years Childhood Studies
3. I am an only child 
4. I drive a Mini Cooper, which quite frankly, is my whole life
5. I'm a very fussy eater
6. I'm currently single *sob*
7. I love a good night out, and try to have a proper one once a week.. Well what would a Uni Student be without consumption of alcohol?
8. Vodka & Cranberry is my drink (incase your ever buying)
9. I have super sensitive skin, i'm prone to having reactions super quickly
10. Boring people are in my opinion, the worst kind of people. I strongly believe in living your life to the fullest, taking every opportunity and making the most out of every day
11. I'm a pretty chilled out person
12. I do not get stressed easily
13. I have a small addiction to Pretty Little Liars, late on the bandwagon, I know
14. My natural hair colour, I believe is a dark blonde. Even though I haven't had my natural colour for years. I have super blonde highlights done around twice a year. With T Bar top ups in between. 
15. I hate having wet skin touching clothes. I will never put my dressing gown on even slightly wet after a shower
16. I also have a hate for wet hair on my back. Like when you get out of a swimming pool and its hot on holiday. Ew. Ew. Ew.
17. Sticking to that theme, I have a phobia of sand. There is nothing in this whole world I hate more than sand, I despise the beach. Even on holiday, in fact, even more on holiday. 
18. My favourite take away food is Indian, or McDonalds, I won't lie
19. I absolutely love make up, I never think you can own too much
20. I love fake tan, I don't care if its fake, I love the stuff
21. My favourite feature is either my legs or my eyelashes as they are super long (the lashes.. not the legs!) Or my teeth.
22. On that note i'm small, i'm around 5'2.
23. My clothes size is a petite size 4 in most clothing, but a 6 or 24inch waist on bottoms
24. My favourite scent at the moment is Chanel Chance or Jimmy Choo Blossom
25. My favourite item of food is red grapes or yoghurt, I bloody love yoghurt right now. Got some with honey as I write this, if we're being honest. 
26. My favourite colour is pink. Not to wear, or to have in my bedroom, but just too look at. So probably not my favourite colour really then? Hmm
27. When I was a baby I won't the prettiest baby of the year award for all the M&S stores in the UK. I won £1000 and was in the paper. *proud moment*
28. My least favourite feature is my face shape
29. I wish I have cheek bones
30. My hair seriously stresses me. It's straight, but super fine which makes it hard to style! But extensions always help me out. 
31. I don't like people that moan they are tired all the time
32. I absolutely love photos, i'm sure I probably take too many and overload social media after a night out, but their memories and I love them. 
33. I drink a lot of water, it's my favourite drink
34. My parents have had a house in Cyprus since I was 8, so I always have at least 2/3 holidays there every year
35. I always shower every single morning, and bath every single night, I like to be clean!
36. TOWIE is my guilty pleasure.
37. I don't really like chocolate. I'll eat it, but i'm not a lover of it. Is that weird?
38. Like a million other girls, MAC is my favourite make up brand. Although people think it's a waste of money, i'd much rather spend the money on good products, than lots of crappy cheap ones. 
39. It annoys me when people say you wear to much make up and that you don't need it. Yeah you don't need it, but if you like it, why not?
40. Oasis is my favourite band. Their song Stand by Me is my favourite. 
41. I don't have a favourite film, but I like horror
42. I have a thing about smelling nice. I think it's important to wear a fragrance every day, no matter where your going. 
44. Candles are my weakness
45. I love to go out for dinner with the girls
46. I try my hardest to enjoy everything, and live every day to the best I can
47. I have smile lines, thats a good thing, right?
48. I wear glasses for reading, driving, computer, uni, and work. So most of the time. (not that I actually do)
49. I love sweets, all sweets, any sweets
50. and believe it or not I can't think of a final fact. Apart from this was pretty tough for me to think of 49! So I guess my final fact is that I find it hard to think of stuff to write about myself!

And there we have it!
Enjoy guys! 

Holly x