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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Holiday Essentials

So as i've just returned from another summer holiday, I thought i'd do a post of all my holiday essentials.
I went to Cyprus where it was around 40 degrees each day, so these essentials are for hot sunbathing holidays.. i'm not much of an 'activity' holiday goer... 

First is haircare, although you should always use hair protectors I find it extremely important in the heat as its super drying, and chlorine is never good for anything!
I took Moroccan Oil & Loreal Studio Hot & Straight heat defence, both of which I use all the time anyway. The Moroccan  Oil is super moisturising when hair is dry and damaged. The heat defence, although I rarely use heat products apart from a blow dry, works really well at keeping hair straight and preventing damage from heat. Its also super cheap!

A pretty obvious, but very important essential! Sun lotion is obviously important for a hundred reasons.
I used the Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze factor 20. I also used the Soltan Sun Lip Balm factor 30 to protect my lips as they are super painful if they burn! I use a factor 20 as my skin is not super fair, but this protected my skin and gave a lovely tan! I also didn't burn at all, when usually I burn in some place.
To keep your tan, and skin super hydrating you need a good aftersun. I used the Garnier Ambre Solaire Aftersun. Its very moisturising, and non-greasy which I find very important as I hate waiting for it to dry, or feeling sticky. 

Sunglasses! For protection and fashion! I am not a big sunglasses wearing in the UK, only on holiday! My favourites for this year were a Cat Eye pair from Topshop (back), and a Micheal Kors pair. (front)

A travel size of your favourite products! This is a smaller version of my Garnier Micellar Water. Which if you have used before, you will know the original is huge! This size is plenty for a 2 week holiday. I use a thicker cleanser at home, but when its hot and you've had a long day and evening, Micellar water is an excellent, effective remover. 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer. This is with out a doubt the only bronzer for a summer holiday. It is the perfect shade for summer, as it is super matte and helps to accentuate a natural tan. It is also very build able depending on your skin tone. I just cannot rate this enough!

And finally.. a good book! I love reading on holiday, I never have time at home with Uni work, so on holiday its very relaxing to have a good book. I may do a little review on all the books I read, so watch this space!