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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Duty Free Buys

So as the name makes it obvious, and if you read my last post, you'll know i've just gotten back from a holiday. 
And as always, I brought  a few items at duty free, which I find impossible not to do. 

The first thing I picked up is the new Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume. 
I have always loved the original Jimmy Choo and as it's running low I was desperate to try the new one. Firstly the bottle is absolutely stunning, and this photo is doing its gorgeousness any justice!
Its a lot more subtle than the original, and is very fruity. Its very lovely. 

I picked up another perfume. GHOST, which also came with a free scented body shimmer.
I wanted a slightly cheaper perfume, that would be nice on holiday and days at work when I don't always want to be wearing an expensive brand like Chanel or Jimmy Choo.
This is like summer in a bottle, although subtle, the smell lasts a long time and the bottle is huge, making it amazing value at £26! 
The shimmer is golden and looked gorgeous with a tan - I was not expecting it to be so good. 

Of course I wouldn't miss a MAC opportunity. I picked up 2 lipsticks, in the shades Sunny Soeul with is a sheer pink which is super glossy and hydrating (left). The other I picked up was Runway Hit, which is a matte pink (right). As I go on about Honey Love, I wanted another matte that was more summery and lasted well. This matte is gorgeous, however the staying power is not as good as Honey Love or Mehr. 

Lastly I brought a gorgeous new Ted Baker purse which is a matte black with a rose gold inside (photos do no justice!) 
I already own the typical super shiny version of this purse, but it is worn now and pretty old. I was going to buy the same, but this stood out! I love how it is matte and the inside is absolutely gorgeous and very eye catching. All Ted Baker purses and handbags are excellent quality and last forever. They are defiantly worth the money!