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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

I've been a lover of MAC's Studio Fix Fluid foundation for a good few years now. I know the shades well, and I know what shades will suit my skin, throughout the year when my tan changes colour. I love the consistency and it lasts forever on my skin. 
However, I love trying new products and mixing and matching to see what works well! I've seen a few bloggers & vloggers talk about Estee Lauders Double Wear Foundation, and i'm aware it's pretty popular. With Estee Lauder being available in my local boots, and MAC only being available an hour train/drive ride away, I thought if I could get on with Estee Lauder, it would be much more convenient. 

With the Double Wear being a whopping £10 more than MAC, I was very reluctant to purchase when I already have around 5 MAC foundations I haven't even finished yet and am still using on a daily basis. (hence why i'm only testing a new one!)
Therefore I opted to get a tester, to be sensible incase it didn't work with my skin. I picked up this tester from eBay for £3, and it has about 5 days, or more worth in it. I purchased the shade Ivory Nude.

Firstly the bottle looks tiny, but there is an awful lot in there and I am very impressed with the fact you need a very very small amount of this foundation, and it goes a very long way. Making the £30 price tag seem pretty acceptable. 
As for colour, the colour matches my skin tone pretty well, a little paler than my tanned body, however would be an exact match for the autumn/winter months. So a thumbs up for the colour match!
As for the wear, I did use my MAC Primer & MAC Studio Fix Powder with this foundation, so I cannot be 100% sure if the lasting power was helped by these, either way this did last pretty much all day, and also worked very well with my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer which I was very impressed by. 
I found it faded a little easier in places such as around my mouth than my normal MAC foundation, however overall the lasting power was pretty much second to none. 
As for purchasing a full sized bottle, I definitely would, however for the price tag, I will definitely be sticking to my MAC as over all MAC wins every time against any foundation I try against it. However, if I ever run out and couldn't get to a MAC store, I would definitely purchase this as a back up!

What are your favourite foundations?