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Thursday, 20 August 2015

August Favourites.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - i've been super unwell! :(
Anyways, for my come back post i'm going to do my August Favourites! Although not technically the end of August yet, I go on holiday next week so this post is a little early!

The first on my favourites is this gorgeous bag from Topshop. 
I brought this mainly for when I return to Uni in September, as I like something stylish, practical, and something that I can fit my MacBook or iPad and a writing pad in, as well as all my handbag essentials.
Although I feel my MacBook may be a push, it is the perfect size for a large note pad and iPad, and all of my other bits and pieces. It also fits in a lunch box comfortably. I love the style, as it also comes with a long strap. 

The next up is an eyeshadow palette by the well loved blogger Tanya Burr. 
I absolutely love eyeshadows, and without sounding snobby, have always believed high end such as MAC, Urban Decay & Bobbi Brown are a hell of a lot better than drugstore, in fact I do not own a single drugstore eyeshadow single or palette. Until now!
After seeing Tanya had brought out eyeshadow and eye brow palettes I was desperate to try them, even though I have never tried her other products!
I chose the 'HollyWood' palette as I love golds & browns as they really flatter my eyes. This palette was a BARGAIN at £6, along with my student discount too!
The colours are very very well pigmented and they colours have been chosen very well to compliment one and other. 

Next is an old re-found product I forgot I had!
Victoria Secret Perfume in Bombshell.
I absolutely LOVE this scent, it's super lovely and is like no other scent I have ever smelt. It isn't fruity like the majority of my favourite scents like Chanel, but I always get compliments when wearing it! I also like the fact it isn't available to buy in stores such as boots, as I always feel individual and that no one else is wearing it!
(They probably are, but I like to feel special!)

Another bloggers product.. Zoella's (Zoe Sugg's) Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion.
This is from Zoella's new range, in the scent tutti fruity. However, when I saw reviews on this I thought it was going to be super strong smelling, and super sweet. However it is not, its s very subtle, fresh fruity scent and not sickly at all.
It consists of Acai and Blueberries for skin benefits, which they really are! My skin feels super soft after, and with my dry skin, it really does soften. 
The lotion has bursting beads which you expect to be exfoliating, but intact they burst into super soft moisturising goodness. Although, this 'lotion' is super thick, very similar to a Body Shop body butter, only a very small amount is needed or it'll take you forever to rub it in!

Lastly is something I believe i've mentioned before. CND's Solar Oil. I absolutely love this to ensure my CND Shellac lasts as long as possible. I apply it every evening before bed all over my nails & nail bed and rub in it. 
It smells like almonds, which is a scent I love and really does ensure my nails are in good condition & takes care of my shellac manicure. 

What have you been loving this month?