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Saturday, 1 August 2015

July Favourites.

The first of this months favourites is taken from my previous MAC post. MACs Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. Pop over to that post to read more about it! :)

The next one is a new make up brush I purchased to use with the new highlighting powder just mentioned! For my highlighter I use a Crown Contour Brush as mentioned before. However as I now have 2 highlighters to go between during the week I didn't want to have to wash the brush each time I used a different one.
I picked up this one by Seventeen from boots for a BARGAIN £2.99! I'm pretty sure no brush in my collection is as cheap as this & I brought it totally on a whim. I thought for that price, it isn't going to be excellent. If I'm honest, the only reason I brought it was because the Real Techniques Setting Brush I had my eye on to use with this product was out of stock. Now i'm so glad it was, saving myself a good few £££!
Its super super soft & excellent quality. Maybe as good as my real techniques, and is definitely better than a few MAC ones I own! 
I also love the cute packaging and love the colours and writing on the brush! Really recommend. I may have to purchase other brushes from this collection. 

I'm a big Body Shop & Handcream fan. So put the 2 together, and The Body Shops hand creams are amazing. I love their packaging as it makes it super easy to ensure you get every last bit of product! I've gotten through 4 already, and have these left in my collection to get through & probably purchase more!
They are super non-greasy and soak into the hands within seconds leaving no residue. They also smell incredible! They are the perfect size for any handbag & also fit into my apron at work. 

The next is something I was sent free from Feel Unique. This is the REDKEN Diamond Oil. I've been loving the traditional and well loved by many Moroccan Oil. I've been using REDKEN shampoo and condition for a good few years now, so as I was sent this I thought I may as well give it a go!
The bottle is so heavy and so glamourous. Its very good quality packaging and is all glass. The product itself doesn't smell as nice as Moroccan Oil, in fact it has little smell at all. I apply around 4-5 drops in the end of my hair before blowdrying and it keeps my hair super soft and shiny. 

Lastly is a moisturiser. This is the Nivea Firming Body Moisturiser. Its very rich and leaves my skin feeling very soft. It absorbs quickly which is good for any moisturiser as I hate feeling sticky and wet.
It is a firming moisturiser which is the reason I brought it before a recent holiday. It really did make my skin feel firmer and tighter within the 2 weeks which it claims to do. I've been using an after sun lately as i've been on holiday & i've defiantly noticed a difference since I stopped using this and I can't wait to start using it again. 

What are your July Favourites?