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Saturday, 1 August 2015

MAC Mehr Lipstick & MAC Lightscapade Highlighter.

So this week I purchased 2 things from MAC. As mentioned in a previous post i'm a massive fan of MACs Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle. It is the perfect highlight and I love the glittery aspects of it. However it recently, magically, smashed (came home to find it in this state :( ) So I was going to buy a new one. However only the top piece broke away so it is still usable, so I decided to go for something different after complimenting someone wearing this one. 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade. 

It's absolutely stunning to look at. and has a real 'space' like feel to it. The colours are very pastel and do not transfer. Looking at the product I had no idea how it would transfer as the colours are very deceiving. However it leaves the most gorgeous natural nude finish on the skin. 
It has little 'glitter' in it, as apposed to Soft & Gentle, so comes across much more subtle, which I actually quite like when I didn't think I would.
It is very flattering and I would imagine it would suit all skin tones and can be very universal. I apply it on the very tops of my cheeks and around the outside of my eye & brow. 

Now this one was a little bit of a gamble for me. After starting to write these posts, I realised a hell of a lot of my posts include nude lipsticks. After searching the MAC website for ages, I settled with MAC Mehr. I'm very blonde and fair, so really can't pull off a red lip, or a bright lip. I don't believe it would suit me, and to be completely honest, I wouldn't feel comfortable. 
As much as I love nude, I just wanted something with a tiny bit more colour, and something a little more adventurous. (a little...) 
I would take my advice when buying any lipstick... Don't buy online unless you've used it before or have tested/seen it before. It becomes very risky especially when they are not overly cheap. However without a MAC store local, the nearest being an hour train/car journey away, the website becomes like a second nature. I knew I wanted a Matte shade, as I rave about Honey Love and love its staying powder. So when I found Mehr I thought it was a little darker and would have that staying power of a Matte. I really researched on google to find real images of girls wearing the shade and read various blog posts. 
And as my pictures do, the same as the other posts I viewed before purchasing, it looks a LOT pinker and lighter in photographs. When I opened the lipstick I got quite a shock - so much I debated sending it straight back. It appears very dark, like a cranberry. But I bit the bullet and tried it on, and it did look lighter on the lip.
It's still working on me, but I like I could love it. Maybe more in the winter months though. 

What are your favourite MAC products?