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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fake Tan Favourites

So this blog post is about one of my favourite products to use - Fake Tan!
I'm going to share my favourite tanning products and a few of my tips, so keep reading!

Firstly, my most favourite product of all time for tanning is Fake Bake's Beyond Bronze Self Tan Liquid Tan Spray. I'm also a huge fan of the Fake Bake Self Tan Liquid Tan Spray (the original), which is just as amazing, but I usually use that more in the winter as Boot's stop stocking beyond bronze after the summer. 
Anyway, went of track a little.. but I really rate the Fake Bake products I have used. Do not be afraid of applying Fake Bake, it will come out EXTREMELY dark, and you will look like a total idiot when you apply, but having such a dark colour really allows you to apply evenly, as you can see exactly where you've put the product. 
I always use a mitt with gloves underneath to ensure I don't have bright orange hands, I then lightly go over my hands at the end. Once applied all over, sleep in the tan & wash off in the shower in the morning, and I kid you not you are left with the most gorgeous tan, without being orange. 
I also use this on my face, in fact its the only tan I ever use on my face, regardless if i'm using Fake Bake on my body or not, it doesn't break me out and leaves a very natural colour.

Fake Bake is the only 'fake tan', I use, the other products I love are tinted moisturisers. This one is Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived. I was actually looking for the Dover Summer Glow, but I couldn't find it anywhere! From what i've guessed, this has replaced it, which i'm pretty upset about, let me know if you know how true this is!
I get the shade medium - dark skin to give a really deep sun kissed look. The thing with tinted moisturisers is that it's clear, so unlike Fake Bake you have no idea where the hell your applying! But if you can apply it evenly, you are left with the most gorgeous natural tan. However, you need to ensure that you wash your hands throughly after using this!
Although, one down point, I really do not like the smell, I find it's all I can smell the next day! 

Another tinted moisturiser, Garnier Body Summer Body, which smells better than the Dove (still not the best!), also gives a really gorgeous natural deep tan. To apply this again you need to make sure you wash your hands well after applying!

My top tip for tanning is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Before applying tan its important to moisturise dry areas on your body to ensure the tan doesn't sink or crack into dry skin. So areas such as elbows and knees definitely need to be moisturised before!
It's also important to moisturise when you have your tan, in order to maintain the tan as long as possible before you need to re-apply!

And thats it for my favourite tanning products!
What are your favourites? 

Holly x