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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How To Care For Your Nails

Welcome back! 
This little post is about I think is the best way to care for your natural nails and making them look beautiful! Nails are such an important factor that I think a lot of girls forget about. Your nails can give such a wrong impression if they are bitten short, untidy & dirty. 
Now i've never been one for acrylic nails (some can look lovely - but most the time fake and a little tacky!) plus, we all know how terrible they are for your natural nails. Now when I was younger I was a horrendous nail biter & I honestly never thought i'd stop, until around the age of 18 when I finally grew out of it. My nails have always been naturally rounded and short - and really not very pretty.
This is how I get them to the beautiful length they are now!

Firstly, my most favourite thing to use on my nails is CND Shellac. I started having CND Shellac nails done professionally every 2 weeks about 2 years ago. It was super exciting to choose a gorgeous colour each week & give myself a fresh look. However spending £15 every 2 weeks really adds up, so after just over a year (once i'd learnt exactly what my nail technician was doing!) I decided to invest in the whole kit myself - now i'm not trained, but it's pretty god damn simple, expensive to begin with, but you soon get your money back from all the manicures you would have had!

My natural nails now, in the colour 'Plum Paisley'. When I first had shellac, my nails were short and very unfeminine. Now I keep them long and squared, which is my favourite look. Doing them myself I usually change colour around every 2 weeks, sometimes 3. Its important to maintain your shellac to prevent having to have them done more regularly! 
Incase you are unaware of shellac, its a gel polish hardened by a UV lamp. They are designed to be super shiny & scratch proof. A colour is designed to wear for 14 days, but depending on your day to day jobs can be less, or longer than 2 weeks. 
I always ensure I file and trim them each time I re-do them to prevent splitting, just like you do with your hair. 

To maintain the shellac I use CND Solar Oil every night on each nail, which I love and have spoken about before. It smells of almonds which I absolutely love! 
I put a small amount on each nail and rub in, including around the nail bed onto my fingers as well. 

To keep my nails extra strong I highly recommend hairburst. Although designed for hair growth, I believe this is what really keeps my nails super strong & prevents them from breaking and splitting. Since taking hairburst I have seen very little breakage in my nails! 

& there we have it! A simply nail idea to help keep your natural nails super strong and beautiful - ditch the acrylics girls!

Holly x