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Monday, 28 September 2015

Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening

This little review is on Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips.
Now we've all seen the pictures of the celebs holding this popular brand & we're all ever longing for the whitest teeth, right?! Well is it true this little gem can do just that?
I purchased the 14 day box which gives you enough strips to use once a day, for 2 weeks. Now I haven't done a before & after picture as to be completely honest, I have pretty white teeth. I have whitened my teeth many times using Crest Whitening strips which in my eyes are the most amazing creation ever, honestly, they really work. But as I know, they are not good for your teeth, of course there not. Anything with the products in to whiten your teeth is not going to be amazing - however they work, and thats the end of that. But, these strips are designed the same way as the Crest Whitening Strips, which was what drew me to them. Even better though - they claim they cannot harm your teeth & are completely safe. 
Win! Right?
So back to where I was, I have pretty white teeth, however they have dulled down and needed a re-whiten. After my 2 weeks I can safely say these have really worked and my teeth are back to bright white. They give an instant whitening, the second you remove the strips you can see the white remaining on your teeth, however this does fade quickly, so it is needed to complete the full set in remaining true white. 
As they worked for me, I obviously cannot comment on how well they work on already very stained teeth. But for the price of £20, I really do believe they are worth the investment, instead of paying many pounds on over the counter whitening products which are simply a fancy toothpaste. 

Holly x