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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

This Weeks Favourite Purchases.

So this week i've brought a few items & I thought i'd share with you the ones I love!

Sugar Baby Tahiti Sweetie Candle - £6.99
The first of this weeks favourite is a candle I picked up from Home Sense. It smells exactly like my Boux Avenue candle and was a lot cheaper. It is very sweet & very fresh. I love the box it also comes in with the diamond on the top. 

Michael Kors Purse - RRP £89, Brought for £29
This was another bargain from Home Sense. One i really was not expecting to find! A grey Michael Kors purse at a bargain under £30! I already have a huge brown Michael Kors Tote Bag which cost a near £300 which I got as a gift, so when I spotted this bargain in a home store I was completely thrilled. 

CND Shellac in Salmon Run - £12.69
I used to have Shellac manicures once every 2 weeks. But earlier on this year I decided to buy the kit myself and have collected various colours since. 
This is a new one to my collection - Salmon Run. It's a lovely light coral/orange and is very suitable for summer & holidays. 

Chanel Chance 100ml - £80
My absolute favourite scent of the minute. Chanel Chance. I am a huge fan of Chanel CoCo Mademoiselle, which is my signature scent, which is a very classic fragrance. However this one is lighter and more summery, which I love. 

The Hunt £3.99, Sparkling Stilettos £6.60
This week I have brought 2 novels. One for home & one for an upcoming holiday. 
The Hunt by T.J.Lebbon is a thriller story, which I LOVE. I find them exciting & that I can't wait to see what is going to happen. I am so far only 3 chapters in and already it is very thrilling, so I will post my verdict once i've finished!
The second book i've purchased for a holiday, by TOWIE Star Jess Wright, Sparkling Stilettos. This as the cover clearly denotes, is not a thriller. However was keen to read the story after hearing Jess talk about the story line on television. 

Sandals - Accessorize £35
Lastly I brought these sandals from accessorize for an event. Although after wearing them for 4 hours I lost one of the main diamond pieces - typical!
However I returned them this week and they were more than happy to exchange for a new pair. 
They are stunning and looking lovely on, however be aware to be very careful when wearing this kind of sandal, or ensure you retain a receipt as these are very prone to losing their stones!

What have you been loving?