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Monday, 27 July 2015

Facial Skincare.

This post is dedicated to my 'skincare routine'. 
My skin type is pretty normal, I am not acne prone and am grateful enough to say I very rarely get any blemishes. I think due to my age, and my hormones sorting themselves out, i'm lucky enough that stage of my life is over. 

Firstly in the morning I use St.Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Scrub in the shower.
I use this 2-3 times a week. On the days which I wash my hair so that if it gets into my hairline it doesn't matter. 
This scrub smells lovely and is very gentle. It doesn't cause any breakouts and removes any dead skin or dry skin that I may have. Its also very good if I have fake tanned my face, to wash away any 'orangeness' or 'patchiness' leaving a lovely tan. 

Next is my favourite step. Moisturiser. 
Depending on how my skin is, depending if its dry, I always use Neutrogena's Deep Moisture Comfort Balm or Origins GinZing.
GinZing is amazing & very lightweight. It leave the skin feeling very satin and only the smallest amount is needed. 
Deep Moisture is a hell of a lot cheaper, for a hell lot more of product. It is huge, and again only a very small amount is needed. It is much more rich than Origins, and is very moisturising is my skin is feeling dry. 
I prefer Origins as it is more lightweight, more satin and is a better base for make up. 

Next I apply eye cream. In the day I like to use this Bobbi Brown Repair Cream which is super rich & thick and keeps my eyes feeling hydrated.

As for removing make up I am a big fan of Garnier products as they work well with my skin.
To remove eye make up I always use Garnier Express 2 in 1 eye make up remover. I soak a cotton pad and hold onto my eye for a few seconds before wiping my make up away. It does not irritate my eyes at all & they are super sensitive.
It also removes all my eyeliner which is super tough to remove any other way. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is also very good. It removes all makeup and ensures my skin is left cleansed & clean. I usually use a cleansing butter, which I will get onto in a moment, but this is great when I need something a little quicker, without the need of water. 

For toner I love Garnier Softening Toner Goodbye Dry...
This really is good and doesn't make my skin dry just like it says. It smells gorgeous too. 

As for the cleansing butter I mentioned. I use the Body Shops Camomile Cleansing butter. 
I apply this all over my face when dry & really rub it in. I then use a muslin face cloth with warm water to help to wipe the make up away. I repeat again for a double cleanse to ensure my skin is super clean. 
The cloth I use is from the Dirty Works brand in Sainsburys, where you get a pack of three for £3. Bargain. They are super soft & very quick drying. 

When it comes to bedtime I use No7 Early Defence Night Cream and Early Defence Eye Cream. Both are very light & leave the skin feeling super soft.
Even though I don't have any 'wrinkles' as such, it has definitely reduced any fine lines starting to appear  & hopefully is helping to prevent further in the future. But obviously only time will tell with that! 

Lastly, I know this may not seem very helpful for those of you who are acne prone, and are looking for a drugstore solution. But this is DUAC which I was prescribed by my GP when I suffered with some bad hormonal spots last year. Now they have cleared I use this when I feel a spot under my skin, or if not a few times a month just to keep them away. 
& I must say, it's been over a year since i've had a proper spot. Which seems ridiculous, and I know it may sound unfair, but this stuff has just really worked for me & my skin. 

What skincare products do you like?!