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Sunday, 26 July 2015

How To Be Happy.

I think the title of this blog may seem a little out of perspective. 
'How To Be Happy?'
Now, I am not saying I know exactly how to make people happy, or that what I write, you must do in order to feel happiness. That is NOT what this is about. I'm writing this simply to offer a few things you might be able to do to help bring a little happiness' into your life. Or how to make the best of a bad situation.
So please don't be offended by what I write, simply trying to do my best, to offer some tips :)

Be Yourself. 
The most important person in your life is yourself. As selfish as it seems, this is too true and so many people forget that. Unless you have children, which at the moment I do not, I completely understand if they are the most important thing in your life, however 'me' time is always important. 
To be yourself, it's important that you remember who you are. We can all get lost in a world when we feel we need to do something, or be someone in order to fit in. This is not true. To be happy in your life, you need to live it how you want to live it. This will enable you to offer your full potential into something you love. 
Of course i'm not saying be totally selfish & care about no one other than yourself, i'm simply saying don't jeopardise your own happiness & wellbeing for somebody else. 

Surround Yourself with True Friends. 
This may seem a hard one, and kind of follows on from the last point. If you surround yourself with genuine friends, this will encourage you to be your total self. If you cannot be your total self around your friends, or feel they will not offer acceptance of your total self, unfortunately they are not 'true friends'. 
Those who love you will accept you for who you are & what you do. That is very important to remember. You do not need to be the most popular person with 100 people that want to be your friend. A few true friends are so much more important, and much more valuable. 

Do What Makes You Happy.
Don't follow the crowd. Don't do the degree or the career path everyone is doing, just so you are doing the same. Do exactly what you want to do, it's your life so spend it doing what you love. 
Do not rush into anything, don't feel pressured into getting a degree because your not sure what else to do. Don't stay in a job that makes you unhappy, and you do it simply so you are doing something. 
Work hard to find what truly makes you happy & what you can see yourself doing for a long time. Take risks and allow yourself to have to learn from mistakes, to help find what works and what succeeds in life. 

Live a Healthy Lifestyle. 
Try to be a healthier you, for a happier you. 
This doesn't mean only eat salads and fruits and diet constantly, or even join a gym. I mean ensure you eat properly, and have a healthy lifestyle. Such as doing social things, going out with friends and enjoying meals out. Enjoy nights out, however be sensible and get enough sleep when needed to ensure you wake feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy another day. 
Have breakfast every morning to get your day started, and drink plenty of water which is key to a happy lifestyle. 

Motivate Yourself.
Motivate yourself with whatever works best. Give yourself goals, and if you reach those goals, treat yourself. Motivate yourself with whatever you love and with whatever works well for you.

Remember always that its your own life that your living, and that you won't get this chance again. Take every opportunity life throws at you so you don't find yourself thinking 'what if?'. Make the 'What Ifs' a, 'I Can Achieve That' or 'I Did That'. 
You can do anything you put your mind to, and having a few goals in life never hurt anybody. 

What are your tips to having a happy & healthy outlook on life?