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Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Day to Day Makeup.

To kick start this blog writing, i'm going to explain my day to day make up routine and what products I use. I won't mention the brushes used, i'll do a separate blog post on those at a later date!

Firstly, well, after moisturising, I use MAC's Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Primer. I have pretty 'normal' skin, if thats a term I should use. I am not acne prone, never have been, my skin is not very oily, however can be more on the dry side. Although not acne prone, my skin is overly sensitive & I do need to be very careful what I put on my skin, as I can react. Therefore all the products mentioned are very well used and trusted not to harm my skin :)
Anyway.. I apply a small amount across my entire face using my hands and it leaves it feeling super smooth and gives a barrier between my skin & make up.

Next I apply foundation, either one of the two. MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 (NC20 or NW20 ATM as I am tanned, yay!) which is my holy grail & my go to foundation. However I also have CHANEL Perfection Lumiere in 10 Beige. This is my 'back up foundation'.

To powder, I use MAC Studio Fix in NW20. I LOVE this powder as it is a pressed foundation. This however does not mean the product is 'cakey', or to thick. It is very build able, and for day to day I only apply a light dusting all over my face, and my make up does not budge all day. If i'm going on a night out, i'll use a kabuki brush and really buff into my skin for a thicker, and more concealed look. 

For bronzer & to contour I use Hoola by Benefit. I love this colour as it is the perfect shade and goes well with paler skin, or works very well with a tan. It is matte so adds no shimmer which offers a more natural colouring. 

I also really like MAC's bronzing powder in Golden. As you can see I've hit pan, and I have a brand new one waiting to be used! I like this to add to the contour of my cheeks and it's a lovely colour and has some shimmer. However because of the shimmer, my cheeks is the only place I apply this product as it begins to look 'glittery' and very un skin like if applied to the nose & forehead etc. 

For blush I have been loving Bobbi Brown's Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Maui 3. Although the name bronzing powder is very deceiving! As you can see the colour is a shimmering pink and not bronzing at all. The colour is stunning, and also acts as a highlighter. 

As for highlighter I love MAC's soft & gentle. This is in fact the 3rd time i've purchased it and it's simply the best highlighter. For all skin tones. End of. 

My favourite concealer of all time is MACs Pro Longwear concealer in NC20. It's lighter than my foundation (even though the name is technically darker!) so is perfect for brightening under my eyes. It's also very good at covering any kind of blemish or imperfection. The only down side is the pump, as it can pump way too much, ending in a lot of wastage.
Sort it out, MAC!

For my brows, which are naturally invisible (i'm very blonde!), however I do get them tinted to a darker colour which helps to match the roots of my hair. I use Benefit Browzings in Light which is the perfect colour when my brows are tinted, and when the tint has faded & they are fair again. It can be made darker or lighter which I love. I occasionally use the wax side, but usually only the powder.
On top I apply Brow Drama by Maybellene which is like a brow 
mascara, in the shade Brown. 

For eyes I use MAC Pro Longwear Paintpot in Painterly, which is a lovely nude which blends very well and acts as a base, or is lovely on its own with a glittery brown. 
I also am a fan of the MAC Pigments. I have Vanilla & Naked. I have the travel sized ones as that way you get 2 for the price of one large one, and the pigment is so tiny, and you use so little that it makes no sense to spend double the price on the large one. They last forever. I love Vanilla on the insides of my eyes, & Naked is a brilliant highlight colour. 

For shadows I mainly use these 3 palettes. The top is Urban Decay Naked 2, then I have created a MAC quad (well, filled 3 of them!) and the 3rd is a quad from Bobbi Brown. 
As you can see the Naked 2 has been very well loved!
In the MAC quad so far I have purchased, Gleam (left hand corner, top) which is a gorgeous shimmery pink, which is very sheer but is a lovely glitter, which I love. (top right) is Pink Venus, which is a pink with a little shimmer, which is more pigmented on the eye. And on the bottom is Honesty, which is my favourite. It is a shimmery beige/brown, which looks amazing on it's own with the Painterly Paint pot.
In the Bobbi Brown quad is Ivory (top left) which is very well loved and is a typical white colour. The next, and my most favourite colour of all time, which I wear almost every day is Chiffon (top right). Which is the most amazing shimmer. The gold colour does not translate, but the glitters are extremely sparkly and looks absolutely amazing with eyeliner. I always get compliments when wearing this colour, and it really makes my eyes pop. I really hope you can purchase it as a single!
Bottom left is SeaShell Pink, which is very pale and lovely.  Lastly, bottom right is Rich Espresso which is a very typical matte brown, which is perfect to create many different styles. 

For mascarra I have a new favourite. I have loved Seventeens Doll'd UP, for well over a year. I have super long lashes, and this really combs them out and coats every lash. My new love is Maybellene's Lash Sensational. I had heard great things before I purchased and I have not been let down. It is PERFECT for my lashes, and really opens up the eyes. Lastly is a MAC one I was sent from MAC, however I love plastic wands as it works best with long lashes, which the MAC one does not have. So I only use on my bottom lashes occasionally. 

Lastly, Lips. Phew, we're almost there.
My favourite lipstick of the last 2 months is MACs Honey Love. It is a matte nude and lasts for hours on ends. Its incredible and I absolutely love this shade, it really suits my skin tone and looks amazing with a tan. 

I only wear nude/pink lips, as I am not brave enough for bright colours like red.
In my make up bag I carry 4, of which I use all of them. Mainly being Honeylove. From left-right, MAC Honeylove, MAC Hue, MAC Pure Zen & Rimmel London Kate Moss Nude. 

Here they are swatched, in the same order from top to bottom!

I love the look of gloss but wear it less as long hair gets trapped in it, which I hate! I only own two glosses, both which I love. Bobbi Brown Honeysuckle an MAC Cremesheen Glass in Just Superb. 

And thats my daily make up routine!
What else can you recommend?