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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Shopping Haul

Welcome back, and to my first ever haul video!
For the first time ever on my shopping trip I didn't buy any beauty related items! This is a mixture of clothing and a few other little goodies.. 

So the first place I went to was Primark. Now I went to Primark with the incentive to buy pyjamas. Now I'm really not one to shop in Primark, I can never find any clothes at all, and to be honest, I cannot stand looking in there with the hundreds of people. However, I think their pyjamas are amazing value, and super soft and cozy. 
I picked up a navy flowery pair which sinch in at the bottom (as you can tell I put them on as soon as I was home - before I even had time to take a photo!) a grey pair with a super cute pattern, a short checked pair, and a simple grey vest. I'm on the hunt to find plain tops to wear with the other 2. 
I also picked up 2 candles, which were AMAZING value at £2, and smell incredible. They had hundreds at amazing prices and all smelled lovely, I'll let you know if the smell pays off when they burn. 

Next I went to Jack Wills, which I haven't been to in years! I picked up this super soft cosy hoody, and an umbrella with anchors. The umbrella really caught my eye as it has a really sturdy handle and I knew it would be good quality! 

The Body Shop was the next on my visit and what a bargain I got! I picked up all of this for under £10! The set includes raspberry shower gel, scrub and butter, shower scrub, and I also picked up a new muslin face cloth. The set was an INSANE £12.60 (bare in mind the body butter alone is £14..) and as this was an outlet store I got an extra 40% off. So thrilled with my find!

Next I went to Lush, which I love. I resisted and only picked up 3 items, I got the Experimenter, Intergalactic, & the Comforter which is my most favourite Lush product ever, as you get so many uses out of it, which makes it amazing value.

Lastly, Topshop. I picked up this gorgeous white shirt with a jumper over it, in a Petite size 4, for £49, a new leather jacket in a size 6, for £55, and this amazing grey coat in a Petite size 4, for £59. I've wanted a coat like this grey one for ages and finally found one the perfect fit and colour!

And thats the end of my shopping haul. I hope you enjoyed, and i'm sure a few will be included in this months favourites!