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Monday, 14 September 2015

Dealing With Eczema

At the age of 21, eczema is something i've been dealing with for around 3 years.
Now, I know people suffer from eczema all their lives, from the day they are born. Now i'm lucky enough to have only been suffering the last few years, but I have developed a rare form of eczema which is very severe and affects me in many ways other than just dry skin, in ways that make me very self conscious, and have ruined many experiences in my life.
So much in fact, i've kept it a huge secret from most people I know. Little people know the extent of my condition. However, i'm not yet ready to disclose my condition so early on in my blog posts, but i'd like to share my tips to dealing with any kind of eczema, and dry skin conditions, which I hope helps everyone ready.
I have photographed the products I find work best in moisturising my eczema, from left to right, Aqueous Cream (a recent find, I was given to use around my eyes when I have an allergic reaction and my eyes became extremely dry), Neutrogena Deep Moisture Comfort Balm (daily face moisturiser), Aveeno Moisturising Cream, E45 (typical, and features twice in the image), Sudocrem, and The Body Shop Strawberry Fraise.
Now although the Body Shop is not the most amazing on the eczema, I included it to say that you CAN use nice products. Eczema doesn't restrict you to the boring continuous line of emollient cream, but you can treat yourself and have lovely moisturisers in your collection too. 

My top tips for trying to deal with eczema include :
♥ Don't let your condition stop you from doing anything. If your conscious of your skin, there are always ways to cover it, so i've learned. May it be on your body,or your face. Mine is mainly my body, and to give myself confidence I ensure I wear appropriate swimming wear to cover my biggest insecurities.
♥ The most obvious, moisturise moisturise moisturise! 
There are hundreds on the market you can use to help control your condition, including prescriptions. Remember everyone is different, and different products will work better for some conditions and some people, but may not work for you.
♥ Persevere. Don't give up. If you feel nothing works, keep looking. Keep searching until you find something you love. Saying that, don't give up straight away! Most products will need a good period of time trialling, before you can really know if it works or not. 
♥ Don't let it ruin any thing for you. Everyone has their insecurities, it doesn't define you. 
♥ Baby bubble bath. If your anything like me, eczema skin can be pretty sensitive. I always use baby bubble bath (except for lush products - impossible to resist) as its extremely gentle and will not irritate your skin, or your eczema. It also creates amazing bubbles and smells lovely too! Not to mention a super small price tag.

I hope this has helped anyone dealing with eczema or any dry skin conditions. It's an on going battle for me every day which is definitely something that gets me down when its having a bad day, but it also has its good days. 
If your suffering with any dry skin conditions, please leave comments with your favourite treatments, it could help benefit the rest of us.