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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Muji Storage

So I joined the Muji Acrylic Storage hype. Now I don't have a huge make up collection, and most of my make up is kept within drawers of my dressing table. But I wanted a cool way to store my everyday make up, without all being squashed in my make up bag!

When I brought the storage, I knew I wanted to put it on a drawer on my dressing table. I measured up and measured against the website dynamics and decided I would get the smaller of the storage. (even though I have plenty of space, I'm sure I could have brought the bigger)
I knew how much I wanted to store, and decided on buying two of the small sets of 2 drawers. They are designed to be stacked, so you can continue your collection as your make up collection grows!

Muji do smaller containers to go on the top to store items like lipstick, but they are not designed for lipstick (if that makes sense?!) I knew I wanted an actual lipstick holder so I picked this one up from eBay, which fits perfectly. I've mainly stored MAC & my YSL lipsticks here, with a few of my favourite drug store ones too.

In the top draw I have stocked some MAC Lipglosses, along with a Bobbi Brown & Tanya Burr. I've kept random little things here, like highlights and my favourite primer, MAC Prep + Prime. 

In the next i've stored some powders products, like blush, contour and highlights. 

As I brought the smaller storage, I couldn't fit in my big Naked palettes, so i've stored smaller eyeshadow palettes, like quads in this draw.

Lastly, my collection of different foundations I use. I couldn't fit my Chanel foundation in the same drawer, so I put in a couple of drug store concealers in this one too!

Now I know its not huge, but like I said most of my makeup is in drawers or my make up bag! But I hope this post helped you to see how you can use the Muji storage. I have linked where to buy them throughout!

Holly x