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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Top 5 Perfumes.

Today i'm going to talk about my top 5 perfumes! I actually own way too many perfumes, in fact 10+! My collection varies from high end such as Chanel & Jimmy Choo, to Mark Jacobs & Vera Wang, and to the super cheap end of celebrities! 
As I have so many, I've picked my top 5! 
Click on the titles of the bottles for a link of where to get them :)

They are my 3 'top' perfumes. Being the most expensive & high end, out of my entire collection these are the ones I reach for the most and call my signature scents. I cannot choose a favourite of the 3, but COCO Mademoiselle is definitely timeless. 

My Last 2 favourites include Samantha Faiers La Bella & Paco Rabanne Lady Million. La Bella is an absolute steal at only £25 for 100ml. It is scent is very vanilla & sweet and light. Paco Rabanne is another typical scent which has become very popular over recent times. I love it and in fact have 3 bottles of it to get through!

What are your favourite scents?