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Thursday, 30 July 2015

HairBurst Review.

So not all of us are blessed with naturally long gorgeous thick hair - unfortunately. I definitely fall into this category! I have naturally fair hair, but maintain the colour with highlights 2-3 times a year ensuring I keep super blonde! When I found out about hairburst last year, I was super excited and believed its every girls dream in a bottle. For the life of me, I cannot remember the first time I purchased hairburst, but it was in the summer of 2014. Initially, I purchased just one bottle as it isn't cheap (£25 per bottle + approx £3 delivery!) making it a pricey little vitamin. Not that that has put me off spending a lot more money on them!
Since i've purchased 2 lots of their '3' bottle deal when you end up saving a little money in the long run. I absolutely love it, and although my hair hasn't grown down to my backside (dreaming!) it definitely improves my hair condition and has 100% improved the growth of my hair. Within the first 2 months my hair definitely grew over an inch, and for hair that takes a long time to grow, I was very chuffed. Almost a year on, and i'm still really in love with this product.
As mentioned in previous posts, I do not have acne prone skin, however I did have a serious breakout last year, and I strongly believe that these have really helped the condition of my skin as well as my hair. My nails also grow stupidly quick, which again i'm certain is down to these beauties.

Effects notice when not taking. 
Hair feels finer than it already is.
Nails tend to break and split.
Hair appears damaged quicker.
Hair is softer.
Skin is more prone to breakouts. 

So all in all, a year later my hair has grown the longest it has ever been, and is also in pretty good condition which i'm very proud with!
I'd highly recommend this product, with its only downside being that I need my hair highlighted more often due to the amount of re-growth super quickly! 

What are your experiences with hairburst?
Or do you have any other hair saviours?