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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

September Favourites

Welcome back to another monthly favourites!
Septembers monthly favourites is a little bigger than previous months, with lots of new exciting things i've been loving this month. 

The first 2 items i've been loving this month are the new Jimmy Choo fragrance in Blossom. To start, my god just look at the bottle - it's absolutely gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of the original Jimmy Choo perfume, but this new bottle puts the original to shame! It's a very subtle and fruity fragrance, and its absolutely lovely. 

The next beauty product i've been loving is YSL's lipstick in the shade FILLLLL. It's the first YSL lipstick i've ever had, and its quality is second to none. Its very hydrating and the colour is very flattering. Although not a very 'obvious' colour, it's by far my favourite in my collection. Again not to mention the packaging - impeccable!

Next this month i've found myself picking up a lot of face masks as my face has been quite dry! My favourite are Superdrug's own. They work very well with my skin and make it feel gorgeous afterwards.

This month I finally picked up a Tanya Burr lipgloss. I've been wanting to try them since they came out originally, but my local Superdrug only ever had dark colours in stock - not my thing. Now with the release of Tanya's new stock, I finally got my hands on 'I Find Nemo', which is the shade i've been desperate for.
Firstly, the packaging is lovely. It feels super light, but the design and colours are very sophisticated and feminine. As for the product, as we all know lip glosses can be a horrible thing. Often sticky and slimey, Tanya has completely put all other glosses to shame. Its formula is very pigmented and very, very long lasting. For a lipgloss, there is no stickiness to the product at all, only enough to allow it to stick to the lips. 
Would highly recommend!

I've always been a huge fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo, but after I was finding white powdered footprints throughout the house from the residue, I needed to find an invisible dry shampoo.
This one from COLAB does just that. It is invisible and very refreshing to the hair. I have it in the scent New York, which is lovely.
My only downside with this is the price. For a product that isn't a well known brand, a hefty £4 I felt is pretty steep.

I have been loving using Johnson's baby oil on my skin when it is wet, then patting dry afterwards. I saw this on Naomi Smart's channel, and it really does work. My skin has been feeling very soft and it leaves no sticky residue to the skin.

As mentioned in my Getting Ready For a Night Out blog post, I recently used Tanya Burr's Everyday Flutter Lashes, which I picked up for a bargain £1.50 in my local Superdrug. Now being in the clearance basket, I presumed they were un popular, and probably not very good. But because of the price, I thought I would be optimistic and give them a whirl. 
And I am very glad I did! They are half lashes, just for the end of your lash line. I have extremely long natural lashes, so I don't like to wear a full strip, otherwise it looks too heavy. These are great and very natural. They add lots of fluttery lashes and really open my eyes.

To ensure I keep my lips nice and hydrated, i've been using Lanolips 101 Ointment. I've always loved Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream for my lips & this is a very similar formula, at a fraction of the price. At around £10, this product is amazing. I apply every night before bed, and when I wake up its as if all the dead skin comes away from my lips. I'd say this is even better than the 8 hour cream.

When I saw these on Boux Avenue, I just had to have them! These slippers were £16, and fully filled with fur. They are so comfortable and I have lived in them ever since I have had them.

Since my skin is currently tanned, i've been trying to maintain the tan and make it last as best I can. I've been loving Vaseline Cocoa Radiant moisturiser. I use the cream when I have more time to apply, and the spray is great for dressing in the morning when i'm in a rush to get to University or work. 

Lastly in this months favourites, is a little MAC product. I brought MAC Prep  + Prime Transparent Powder whilst I was on holiday. I've loved MAC Studio Fix Powder since the first day I started using MAC, but on holiday I caught a deep suntan and my powder was just making me look paler!
I didn't want to waste money on a darker Studio Fix, that as soon as my tan faded in a few weeks, would be no use to me anymore.
So transparent sounded perfect, as it'll go on any skin tone I change too. I was optimistic, as I love how thick and full coverage Studio Fix is. However, I was extreamly pleasantly surprised. This is an absolute beauty of a product and the perfect one to end my favourites on. It's super light, yet very build able and doesn't move (which I was worried about!), I also much prefer the shiny packaging of the Prep + Prime Collection!

Holly x `